$1500 in prizes plus equity!  Are you ready to change the food industry?

Please register here BEFORE Noon on October 1!  You may also send your resume directly to tim@sereneti.com

The Sutardja Center is partnering with Sereneti Kitchen to explore innovations in robotics and cooking.  Sereneti is a startup that makes an autonomous countertop robotic cooking appliance for the office kitchen, capable of cooking hot “one pot” meals in 5 minutes for a cost of $5 per meal. The company has been a TechCrunch Battlefield and Highway1’s hardware accelerator alumni. Currently, it is a part of the Berkeley Skydeck program enhancing its machine learning and vision capabilities using vision/infrared sensors.

The team has built an amazing cooking device, and looking for a small team of 3 people to work on autonomous recognition of food ingredients and robotic actuation of each piece of food ingredient through sensory data. Specially interested in students who are highly versed in machine learning, AI, interpretation of sensor data and robotic controls. Expertise in C, C++, OpenCV and Matlab are necessary. In 45 days, we expect the team to devise an algorithm that will recognize pieces of food and manipulating each piece of food like a human’s decision making process would entail while cooking.  The Sereneti team will review resumes and select a three-person team to tackle this challenge.  Teams will be notified on or before October 1.

Upon successful completion of the challenge, $1500 and 1,500 shares of stock would be awarded to the team.