Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship first visitors to SCET’s new stadium space


January 31, 2016


IMG_4909Ikhlaq Sidhu gave an engaging presentation on the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship and the Berkeley Innovation Index to a group from the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) on January 21. ACE runs a range of programs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at 4 universities in Amsterdam including University of Amsterdam and VU University. Ikhlaq’s presentation to ACE was the first to be given at SCET since the move into the new space at Memorial Stadium. The group of 23 entrepreneurs and 5 staff from ACE were participating in a 1 week Silicon Valley immersion program, organized by Gigi Wang, Industry Fellow at SCET, to learn about entrepreneurship culture and best practices from Silicon Valley academic and industry leaders and to network with successful entrepreneurs.



More photos of the new space at California Memorial Stadium

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