Bootcamp Spotlight: Team Fishent

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology had its bi-annual Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (BMoE) this past week, hosting a variety of teams, individuals, and mentors from around the globe. One team consisting of individuals from Denmark and Norway … Read More

Advice from VCs Anastasia Ashman and Pamela Day

Last month at the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (BMoE), we had the chance to speak with two inspiring entrepreneurs and mentors — Anastasia Ashman and Pamela Day. They shared their personal journeys as entrepreneurs and innovators, provided valuable advice … Read More

More Visa Options for International Students to Consider: The L-1 Visa for Employees of International Companies and the E-2 Investor Visa

At the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, we welcome many international students to our programs. But what happens after graduation? Our thanks to SCET mentor Nadia Yakoob for contributing the article below to help students understand options for staying … Read More

SCET’s new partnership brings Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship to Denmark

SCET is supporting the Technical University of Denmark’s new Open Entrepreneurship Initiative to help bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and researchers in Denmark with the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BMoE), a hands-on approach to learning entrepreneurship that emphasizes understanding the … Read More

Beyond the Molecule and Beyond the Device: Machine Learning and the Future of Healthcare

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.” – Jeffrey Hammerbacher, Facebook Hammerbacher’s Lament Are we fated to suffer Hammerbacher’s Lament, with our best minds, and our best data, solely serving … Read More

Announcing BEGIN: Berkeley’s New Gateway to Innovation

The University of California, Berkeley has created its first ever virtual hub for innovation on campus, named Berkeley Begin – the Berkeley Gateway to Innovation. Now entrepreneurs can more easily connect with Berkeley’s robust network of innovation courses, incubators, accelerators, funding, and … Read More

Reflecting on “Why” for UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

Let’s Reflect: We are now in the 12th year of our journey with the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.  Overall, it has been a prolific experience at Berkeley as we have taught over 5,000 students, developed over 100 new … Read More

Innovation Workshop Held for William Demant Executive Team at Sutardja Center

The Sutardja Center was pleased to welcome the executive team from William Demant this week to our Innovation Collider space at the Cal Memorial Stadium.  The custom workshop was focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in mature companies. William Demant, based in … Read More

Tesla Co-Founder Marc Tarpenning Visits ELPP

On June 5th, the University of California, Berkeley’s Engineering Leadership Professional Program (ELPP) had the pleasure of hearing from Marc Tarpenning — the co-founder of Tesla, a car company which recently surpassed Ford in market value as investors bet on … Read More

Free Ventures Demo Day: From Seed to Startup

On May 2nd, 2017, Free Ventures hosted its semi-annual Demo Day showcasing six startups at The House near UC Berkeley. Unlike past semesters, this year’s Demo Day was closed to the general public to allow Berkeley students, investors, mentors and … Read More

Why You Should Learn Data-X

This semester, The Sutardja Center created a new course, Data-X, which allowed students to team up to tackle technically complex problems. In the course, students identified real-world problems, collected data, and created applications to find solutions. Click on the picture … Read More

Engineered Influence: Weak Data, Machine Learning & Behavioral Economics

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This article is will be published in the 2017 Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology’s annual journal AIR (Applied Innovation Review) in June 2017. You can see the 2016 version here. Shomit Ghose is a UC Berkeley alum and mentor, … Read More

Students serve up next generation plant-based seafood

On May 3rd, Team Dory (Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon) cooked up a flaky, fatty, fishy plant-based salmon to win the plant-based seafood collider finals. The challenge for this collider was to develop a roadmap for a company selling plant-based … Read More

Data-X: An Experimental Course Model that is Working

I’d like to start by congratulating all the teams that participated in our first Data-X course this spring. We just watched the final presentations, and it has been a great experience. Three months ago, we were just introducing the basic … Read More

The O-1 Visa for Individuals of Extraordinary Ability

At the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, we welcome many international students to our programs. But what happens after graduation? Our thanks to SCET mentor Nadia Yakoob for contributing the article below to help students understand options for staying … Read More

What’s New in Zealand

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I just got back from New Zealand two weeks ago. It is amazing what is happening there in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. My role has been to participate in a committee that can allocate up to $30M per … Read More

John Hanke: Google Maps and Pokémon Go

This week, students in the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series had the opportunity to hear a fireside chat with John Hanke—a Cal grad and CEO of Niantic, which produced the wildly popular app Pokémon Go—moderated by Dr. Bjoern Hartmann, EECS … Read More

Amy Herr–Changing the World One Cell at a Time

This week in the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series, students had the honor to learn from Amy Herr, the Lester John & Lynne Dewar Lloyd distinguished Professor of BioEngineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Herr was recently recognized with … Read More

Checking in on our plant-based seafood collider

In a first of its kind effort, the SCET is leveraging its innovation collider to work on the environmental problems caused by overfishing. The ocean is often thought of as harboring a nearly endless supply of seafood for humans. At … Read More

Announcing the Designing Cities for Autonomous Vehicles Collider Winners

On April 7th, five teams composed of Undergraduate and Graduate Berkeley students presented their proof-of-concept for new companies that would create a more efficient and safe environment so that autonomous and human-driven vehicles can be used in harmony. The goal … Read More

Join SCET at Cal Day 2017!

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Each year, the UC Berkeley campus hosts an open house to welcome prospective students, current students, the Berkeley community and families in an attempt to spread better awareness about clubs, departments, classes, professors and initiatives at Cal. This year there will … Read More

Visa Options for Working and Living in the U.S.: Requirements for the H-1B Visa

At the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology we welcome many international students to our programs. But what happens after graduation? Our thanks to SCET mentor Nadia Yakoob for contributing the article below to help students understand options for staying … Read More

Rob Solomon: From Cal Grad to CEO of GoFundMe

This week, students in the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series had the distinct pleasure of hearing a fireside chat with Rob Solomon—a Cal grad and CEO of GoFundMe—moderated by UC Berkeley’s Chair of Industrial Engineering, Dr. Ken Goldberg. Both incredibly … Read More

Is Your Transformation Working?

  As we discussed in earlier posts, firms like Amazon, Apple, Google, and many others are shining examples of companies that have successfully transformed and adapted over the past decade. In fact, most firms today realize they need to adapt … Read More

Panel of Cal Grads joins Newton Lecture Series

Another exciting week at the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series brought a panel of all-Cal-alumni speakers to Berkeley. These speakers—Jeff Huang (Facebook), Sanjay Jeyakumar (Twitter), and Padmini Pyapali (Uber)—shared their unique insights into entrepreneurship and technology. Moderated by Amit Kumar … Read More

Guidance for Entrepreneurship at Universities

Advance note: This article has been written with the purpose of collecting feedback. Like many institutions today, the administration is grappling with the evolution and policy of entrepreneurship as a promoted activity.  On behalf of many interested stakeholders, we welcome … Read More

Is Your Data Strategy Working Hard Enough?

Every firm is under pressure to adapt and reinvent, and innovative firms know how to do this. Amazon started by selling retail products over the Internet, but later transformed to offer IT Cloud services as Amazon Web Services. Apple is … Read More

Jason Creadore: Civil Maps

This week, the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series welcomed Jason Creadore, cofounder of Civil Maps. The entrepreneur shared his insights, telling the student audience about his startup journey, and transition from finance to tech. Early Work and Education Creadore graduated from Lehigh … Read More

What Next? Visa Options for Working and Living in the US After Graduation

At the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology we welcome many international students to our programs. But what happens after graduation? Our thanks to SCET mentor Nadia Yakoob for contributing the article below to help students understand options for staying … Read More

Student Panel takes over Newton Lecture Series

This week, the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series switched gears to hear from a new set of speakers—the students. Moderated by associate instructor Victoria Howell, these students shared their unique experiences with their peers and took questions in an engaging and … Read More

Keeping it Personal: Machine Learning Meets EgoVid

  According to IBM, the cognitive computing market size presents a $2 trillion dollar opportunity over the next decade. One of the biggest components of this metric falls into the category of machine learning. While many have been using it … Read More

Alston and Brienne Ghafourifar: Entefy

This week, the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series welcomed brother-and-sister entrepreneurs, Alston and Brienne Ghafourifar, co-founders of Entefy. This dynamic duo is working to create a universal communicator—something that can optimize and personalize how people communicate and interact with others, their … Read More

Ikhlaq Sidhu hosts workshop to help universities accelerate innovation through industry collaboration

Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology’s faculty director and founder, Dr. Ikhlaq Sihdu, recently hosted a workshop at Hamid bin Khalifa University (HBKU) in Qatar to explore how university scientists and researchers can spur innovation through industry collaboration. Ikhlaq delivered … Read More

Plant-based Seafood Collider Kickoff Event

On February 23, students with backgrounds in Biotechnology, Nutrition, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Biochemistry, Material Sciences, and Electrical Engineering came together for the Plant-based Seafood Collider Kickoff Event. According to the World Wildlife Fund, “For centuries, our seas and oceans have … Read More

David Friedberg: Astrophysics, Eatsa, and Everything In Between

This week’s Newton Lecture Series featured David Friedberg, best known to Berkeley students as the man who brought Eatsa—a tech-based restaurant seeking to revolutionize the production process—to our city. Friedberg’s resume, however, extends far beyond this quinoa-inspired endeavor. Education and … Read More

An Introduction to the Newton Lecture Series – Ikhlaq Sidhu

Introduction to the Series: The third week of the Newton Lecture Series brought an introduction to the goals of the lecture series itself. Ikhlaq Sidhu, founding director of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, took time out of his busy … Read More

Visiting Professor Jes Broeng discusses insights learned at UC Berkeley

Laser Focus World interviewed Visiting Professor Jes Broeng about his stay at University of California, Berkeley. Professor Jes Broeng is a professor at the Technical University of Denmark, a photonics entrepreneur, a mentor for the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship, … Read More

Sutardja Center to lead $2.2 million entrepreneurship and innovation initiative for UC Berkeley

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology led by Chief Scientist and IEOR professor Ikhlaq Sidhu has just been awarded a $2.2 million grant on behalf of the leading centers and programs that accelerate the innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of California, … Read More

Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship – A Quick Recap

This past week, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship wrapped up its signature week-long bootcamp, capping off a week characterized with mesmerizing presentations from both speakers and students from a variety of professional fields, majors and countries. Key note speakers such … Read More

Teams compete for winning IV bag and infusion design in OSAA-Collider Finals

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On December 7th, four teams of UC Berkeley students pitched their designs for mobilizing and improving intravenous (IV) treatment in the OSAA Med Tech Collider. The Collider — run by partnerships between the Sutardja Center, the Jacobs Institute for Design … Read More

Announcing the Financial Inclusion Collider Winners

This past week the Sutardja Center of Entrepreneurship & Technology wrapped up its financial inclusion collider. Students from a range of disciplines worked on the financial inclusion motive that has been talked about at multiple points this semester; how do … Read More

Challenge Lab Finals

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On Monday December 5th, students at the University of California, Berkeley will make their final startup presentations as part of “Challenge Lab” courses offered by the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.  The student teams were challenged by … Read More

Berkeley Invited by Australia and New Zealand to Advance Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sutardja Center Chief Scientist Ikhlaq Sidhu was invited to keynote the national Growing Entrepreneurs Summit in New Zealand where he met with members of government and academia to discuss lessons learned at Berkeley on how to accelerate research-based innovation and … Read More

Startup Weekend Berkeley

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  Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of ambitious entrepreneurial minds and various skill sets who are looking to practice and learn the basics of founding and launching a startup venture successfully. This past weekend, Venture Strategy Solutions, a … Read More

Alum Launches New Device to Detect Asthma Attacks Before They Begin

Right now twenty-four million people suffer with asthma in the U.S. causing almost 2 million visits to the emergency room each year. What if asthma sufferers could use a simple test at home that could prevent dangerous and painful attacks … Read More

Female Founders – From Cal to Startup Success

Last Tuesday’s Newton Series Lectures featured a diverse and highly accomplished panel of female founders. All Cal bears, Doreen Bloch (Haas, ’10), CEO and founder of Poshly; Pauline Shuen (’89), former executive of Cisco and founder of Level Chinese; and … Read More

Data-X: A New Course

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Starting in Spring 2017, Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu will offer a new special topics course named Data-X.  The course supports the IEOR department’s focus in data-driven systems and analytics; and it covers the tools and skills that are being used to reinvent today’s … Read More

UC Berkeley Class Helps Students Launch Their Startup: The Winning Team Gets $15K of Initial Investment Sponsored by Mehdi Maghsoodnia

Having been a Silicon Valley entrepreneur for over 25 years, Mehdi is an expert when it comes to startup issues such as scaling teams, product strategy, corporate finance & development, partnerships, and building high velocity distribution models. These are only … Read More

Inaugural Athena Awards Honor Women in Technology

On October 5th, the inaugural CITRIS Athena Awards were presented to recognize women and organizations that have significantly contributed in the field of technology and are acting as role-models for other young women and future generations. The Awards were divided … Read More

The Importance of Financial Inclusion

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The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is hosting a financial inclusion collider this semester. For further details on the project and logistics, click here. In an increasingly connected world, having financial services readily available is absolutely key to businesses … Read More

SCET Explains — Connected Cars

In 1953, Isaac Asimov gave life to Sally, a corvette that could communicate and drive itself. 1968 saw Hal, a highly intelligent computer that could operate a large spaceship in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey. Intelligent cars have long been … Read More

SCET Student Association has their first meeting!

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  On September 27th from 6:30-8pm, the SCET Student Association invited Berkeley’s entire startup community to their first meeting. The SCETSA is dedicated to connecting Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem: students, campus organizations, and external partners. A problem many students noticed was … Read More

Sidhu Joins Board of Trustees for Hamad bin Khalifa University in Qatar

Sutardja Center Chief Scientist and Founding Director Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu has joined the Board of Trustees for Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU) in Qatar. Located in Education City, Qatar, HBKU is a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science … Read More

SCET Explains — Cybersecurity

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This article is the first in a series of articles where the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology takes a basic deep dive into an industry or topic that is at the forefront of startup ideas and opportunities today. This … Read More

2016 Call for Med Tech Collider Advisor

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  The Sutardja Center is looking for a graduate-level advisor for an upcoming med tech innovation collider. Graduate students with expertise in medical device design and fabrication desired. $750 stipend offered. This is a 7-week long project launching on Oct … Read More

AI Chatbot Collider Challenges Students To Push The Boundaries Of Human Computer Interaction

  Last week the Sutardja Center kicked off the AI Collider challenge for Berkeley students interested in working on the latest trend in human computer interaction — conversational interfaces or as they are popularly known, chatbots. Students participating in the … Read More

SCET alums build a Bluetooth beacon to make your push notifications more relevant

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the push notification (i.e. the little messages that pop up on our smart phone’s lock screen).  It usually goes something like this: our phone vibrates or the LED blinks, which triggers us … Read More

Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology: A Grand Opening

  The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology officially opened its doors on Friday, August 26th. Students, faculty, and a wide range of contributors and executives gathered to celebrate the long-awaited inauguration of the Center. Special guests included long-standing supporters … Read More

Kabam Collider

The Sutardja Center is pleased to announce the Fall 2016 Kabam Innovation Collider Project. Kabam creates, develops, and publishes games via Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App store. The company has more than 850 employees worldwide and … Read More

The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Winners Announced

It has been an amazing week of collision of Berkeley students and global entrepreneurs, mentors, and academics at our Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship bootcamp. At the bootcamp students develop ideas from scratch or gain advice, mentorship, and scholarship to help them advance … Read More

What’s Next: New Venture Portfolios

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How Firms can manage  New Ventures as  Extensions of their Advanced Product Development   New Ventures have Collectively Become Every Corporation’s Research Lab   Ikhlaq Sidhu, UC Berkeley Evangelos Simoudis, Synapse Partners   The World of Innovation Has Changed   A great … Read More

The Seawater Battery – an Eco-Friendly Solution by Global Partners

In June, graduate students Woo-Seok Go and Jeong-Sun Park arrived in Berkeley with the Seawater Battery, a novel product designed to combat environmental problems and increasing electricity demands. Unlike a traditional battery, the Seawater battery produces charge through the flow … Read More

Business Model Innovation – Moving from Value Proposition to Value Extraction

The first step in building a successful start-up is developing the Value Proposition or creating a product or service that provides significant value and benefits to a target customer in addressing the need that they have.  In order to build … Read More

2016 Social Challenge Lab Winners Announced

Challenge Lab (IEOR 185) uses a competition-based format to challenge students work in cross-discipline lean start-up teams vying to create innovative products. Teams navigate realistic weekly challenges introduced through case studies. They learn about real-world constraints, use rapid iterative build, and validate development methods. … Read More

International Win-Win from BMOE Boot-camp

UC Berkeley students & LegisPactum (Germany) In December 2015, an enterprising young German entrepreneur, Gerald Hoff, met Ken Singer, Managing Director of the Sutardja Center, in Berlin, Germany, and shared his story about his brand new start-up, LegisPactum, which was … Read More

Delta Prize 2016 Finals

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On Tuesday, April 26th in Sibley Auditorium, three teams presented their start-up ideas at the Delta Prize Finals. The purpose of the Delta Prize is to accelerate the growth of early-stage ventures that have a minimum viable product and some measurable validation with … Read More

WaterSeer Collider winners announced

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The WaterSeer Collider wrapped on Friday, April 15. The collider was a partnership with Vici Labs with the goal to develop a prototype utilizing Vici Labs’ patented WaterSeer technology which uses condensation from the air to create potable water. Teams … Read More

The battle is real: AR vs VR

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Both augmented and virtual reality have existed for some decades – but the attention that they are getting from the market and the threat they are posing to the mainstream economy is now real. Recognizing the difference between the two … Read More

Big Data in Retail Collider

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Drones skyrocketing through the sky, delivering us packages that we have not even ordered yet—a dream of how technology, Big Data and analytics will influence the retail landscape in the near future. But fantasy aside, the way we buy and … Read More

Intellectual Property Collider

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  On Tuesday, March 15th from 7-8pm the Intellectual Property Collider Kick Off event was held at the SCET Stadium office. Dr. Tal Lavian and Dr. Ron Lesniak from UC Berkeley, College of Engineering discussed how IEOR 190c and 190g … Read More

Summer Collider Opportunity with VC Firm

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Summer Internship for Data Ninja @ Vertex Ventures Vertex Ventures ( is an early stage Venture Capital firm based in Palo Alto, CA.  The firm focuses its investments on next generation internet infrastructure and enterprise enabling products and services.   We … Read More

A Tech Driven 4th Industrial Revolution

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UBS’s recently produced white paper, released regarding the theme of this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Switzerland, explores the current industrial world and the implications of a 4th Industrial Revolution. It believes that the global economy is ‘on … Read More

Beyond Bitcoin in the World of Blockchain

Blockchain Technology Collider This collider will focus on emerging applications of blockchain technology beyond the commonly known “bitcoin” use case. Launch date is March 2nd at 5pm, please RSVP at  Contact with questions. Click here for more information. The … Read More

Steve Blank and other Silicon Valley Distinguished Leaders to Speak at Engineering Leadership Professional Program Starting January 21st

The Sutardja Center will kick off the 6th year of our Engineering Leadership Professional Program (ELPP) on January 21st in Silicon Valley.  Guest speakers this semester include – Steve Blank, co-founder of E.piphany, serial-entrepreneur and developer of the Customer Development … Read More

UC Berkeley Sutardja Center Faculty Launches MOOC to Teach Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Culture to Latin America

What makes Silicon Valley (SV) such a uniquely vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation? How can entrepreneurs from outside SV learn from its success? To answer these questions, the Sutardja Center’s Visiting Scholar Ricardo San Martin delved deeply into what … Read More

Global Venture Lab 2016 Summit

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  This week eighty academics, entrepreneurs, and innovators from around the world gathered for the 8th annual Global Venture Lab sponsored by the Sutardja Center at Berkeley. Presenters discussed strategies for engaging students of entrepreneurship, patterns of successful ventures, best … Read More

MI6: Measuring Innovation 6

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Launch of the MI6 Research Project with PI Ikhlaq Sidhu For communication as of Jan 1, 2016 Measuring Innovation just might be among the remaining “impossible missions” that are faced by companies and individuals. First, it’s a relatively vague concept; in … Read More

GVL 2016 Agenda

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  2016 Global Venture Lab Summit at UC Berkeley David Brower Center   2150 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94704 (map)   Download the PDF version of the 2016 GVL Agenda here.   Thursday JANUARY 7, 2016   8:30 – 9:15 am Check … Read More

Delta Prize Fall Demo Day

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  On Dec. 1, over 200 students, investors, mentors, and friends gathered at Sibley Auditorium for the Delta Prize Demo Day, an event that showcased the progress and achievements of the five finalist teams. The Delta Prize program helps early-stage startups with … Read More

GVL 2016

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Global Venture Lab Summit 2016 The Next Global Venture Lab at UC Berkeley is soon approaching, January 7th and 8th, 2016. If you have not yet RSVP’d, please do so. On behalf of Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu, Charlotta Johnson and myself, we … Read More

Jacobs Winter Design Showcase – December 9th and 10th

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On Wednesday, December 9, and Thursday, December 10, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation will showcase student work featuring project displays and demos from 10 different Jacobs Institute courses. This event will be a great opportunity to meet a diverse community of student makers, explore original projects … Read More

Kabam Collider Challenge

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The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, in partnership with Kabam, recently concluded an innovation collider project. The collider was an open challenge to students to develop a new methodology and create an implementation process to price goods when taking … Read More

Radius Collider Challenge

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The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, in partnership with Radius, recently concluded an Innovation Collider project last week. The collider consisted of a real-world data science challenge program, that allowed UC Berkeley students to learn and utilize the tools … Read More

Welcome Back – It is Fall

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Fall is an exciting time of year at the Sutardja Center. With students returning for Fall Semester, our classes are more widely attended than ever before with over 1,200 students expected to attend this year. The center is also preparing … Read More

Geisinger Health Collider Project: Oct 15

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Geisinger Health System teams up with SCET to offer Collider Project The Sutardja Center is pleased to announce the Geisinger Health Collider Project. Geisinger Health System is known as an early adopter of modern paradigms of healthcare and medical informatics. Data … Read More

Kabam Collider Project: Sep 25

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Kabam, a Cal-founded entertainment and gaming company, offers cash prize & internship opportunity! The Sutardja Center is pleased to announce the Kabam Collider Project.  Kabam, creates develops, and publishes games via Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App … Read More

Best Paper Presentation Award

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Best Paper Presentation Award: Professor Sidhu and Sutardja Center Team, Lavian and Howell, win Best Paper Presentation Award at IEEE/ICE International Technology Management Conference, Belfast Ireland, June 22-24, 2015 for “R&D Models for Advanced Development & Corporate Research, Understanding Six Models of Advanced R&D” … Read More

Amazon Collider Project Winner

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SCET is excited to announce the winners of the Amazon Collider Project. The winning team members are Valentin Marek, Zied Alaoui, Kevin Olivier and Nathan Berrebbi. The runner-up team members are Abbey Chaver and Ben LeRoy. As SCET’s first collider project, Amazon Logistics offered students … Read More

Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu Visits Shantou University

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Founding director and chief scientist of SCET, Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu visited Shantou University this May to present a successful model for fostering innovation. Shantou University (STU), founded in 1981 with the approval of the State Council, is a key comprehensive university … Read More

Applied Innovation Review (AIR)

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With contribution and editing from Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and Global Venture Lab (GVL) Faculty,  the inaugural issue of the Applied Innovation Review (AIR) is now available.   This first issue contains an opening letter from Dada Banatao, … Read More

Foundation Capital Hosts SCET Collider Event

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  Foundation Capital Opportunity for New Ventures integrated with SCET’s Collider Projects which allow the experience to be part of UC Berkeley’s Curriculum. Twelve companies pitched their products to four judges and a crowd of investors and entrepreneurs on the … Read More

Radius Collider Project: Oct 8

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Radius, a leader in market intelligence analytics, offers Berkeley students a cash prize & internship opportunity! The Sutardja Center is pleased to offer the Radius Collider Project to students interested in sharpening their data science skills.   Radius has deep connections … Read More