The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is engaged in a wide range of dynamic new projects and investigations ranging from new course development to applied research projects.

For work study students, intern, researchers, and  visiting scholars interested to contribute as part of SCET’s extended team, this page outlines some of our projects in development and skills that may fit into newly developing projects.

Projects and best practices for visiting scholars, industry faculty
>> Measuring Adv. Research & Development
>> Newly evolving models for venture acceleration
>> Game Design (Psychology)
>> New Publication / Journal Development in Innovation Areas
>> BME Approved Video Library
>> Newly evolving program model for research-based commercialization
>> Teach the teachers / Mentors
>> Data and Signals // Big Data

For work-study and interns, helpful and key skills include
>> Videography
>> Publication editing and general writing skills
>> Graphic design
>> Web and WordPress expertise
>> Python and web application development

Please contact Yeri Caesar (ycaesark at with your background as a first step if you are interested.