Berkeley Blockchain Lab

Blockchain is among the most exciting recent developments in computer science.  While it has served the basis of the Bitcoin currency, it has significantly more potential because its also distributed database which is crypto-locked and has the potential to offer trust, security, and smart contracts to a new generation of internet applications. 

However, in its current state, there are still technical and policy challenges yet to be resolved before its full potential can be realized.  The Blockchain lab at SCET is working to establish new emerging sectors through applied research into the following problems and projects:

Creation of truly mobile blockchain applications

Scalability of the blockchain itself in terms of both number of nodes and transaction speed

Ability for broader smart contract creation and execution

Policy and regulatory issues in blockchain


Steve Chen

Industry Co-lead

Ikhlaq Sidhu


Dawn Song

UC Berkeley Professor, Division of CS/EECS

Xin Guo

UC Berkeley Professor, IEOR

Alexander Fred Ojala

Visiting Scholar and Co-Instructor, Applied Data Science

Jocelyn Weber

Industry Fellow, SCET, IEOR

Visit us at the Crypto Economics Security Conference to learn more about our Activities.  October 2-3, 2017, Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley

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Classes and Programs

Blockchain Collider Sprint

Coming soon; check back for more info in late September | Fall 2017

Blockchain Technology Collider

Learning about the Emerging Opportunities at the Intersection of Finance, Security, and Cryptography | Spring 2016

Project I

Dapp Development Based on Ethereum and Other Blockchain Technology

Focus includes off-chain data inputs, distributed storage, and web based blockchain query system. Dapp development is judged/evaluated with the objective of minimizing the cost of running such Dapps. A secondary objective is to develop a Dapp that could process data in batch.  Application focus: trust based credentials from off chain including degree certificates onto various blockchains.  Initial technical projects and contributions are to open source community.

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