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There are many reasons to consider replacing some of the meat in our diets with plant-based alternatives: animal welfare, climate change or health. Surprisingly, this urgent task is now addressed by a few companies, and there is a lack of fundamental research to allow rapid progress. The industry is still based on more art than science. At the SCET we want to change this by building an open and collaborative space, where aspiring entrepreneurs will develop novel solutions based on a deep scientific understanding of “what makes meat taste, smell, and cook like meat”, as well as circumventing the complex cultural hooks we have around eating meat.


Ricardo San Martin

Research Director &
Industry Fellow, SCET

Ikhlaq Sidhu


Jeffrey Spencer

Industry Fellow, Givaudan

Christie Lagally

Industry Fellow, Good Food Institute

Peter Cnudde

Advisor, SCET

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Collider Sprint

Plant-Based Seafood

Seeking out Plant-Based Proteins That Can Replicate Fish Taste and Texture | Spring 2017

Featured Course

The Challenge Lab: Plant Based Meat 2.0

Semesters offered: Fall 2017 (4 units)

INDENG 185 002

Engineer the food of the future: Interested in addressing the most pressing environmental and ethical issues of our time? Embark on a unique, team-based challenge to build a novel enterprise to create the next generation of healthy, delicious, and affordable plant-based meat replacements, to sustainably feed the world. Unique opportunity for students with experience or demonstrated interest in life sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, biotechnology, plant biology, chemical engineering, design and mechanical engineering. Undergraduate or graduate students with complementary skills such as business, computer science, etc. are also welcomed.

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